Abbey Imburgia


Hi, I am Abbey Imburgia! I’m originally from New Jersey but moved out to the LA area 18 years ago. My husband Shane and I have three girls Ava, Francesca and Lucia. We are raising them in a cute little town outside of Los Angeles. I worked in finance for years but I’ve been home for 15 years raising our girls and helping with our business. Shane is a contractor specializing in chimneys and has owned his own company here since 1997. I’ve always looked for natural solutions for handling anything with ourselves and girls so when I was introduced to oils it completely made sense on how I could incorporate that into all of our lives. We got our starter kit of oils in 2015 when I was pregnant with Lucia and quickly had so many successes with them. I wish I had known about them earlier in my life to help with our health and with our two older girls. A short time after buying the kit, I started to help friends and family with what I was learning and it has given me a way to help people live a more non toxic and healthy lifestyle. I cant wait to help guide you with what you need for you and/or your family!

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