Beatrice Osman

Senior Star

Hola Everyone!
My name is Beatrice Osman, the oldest of five siblings, mother of two wonderful daughters, and fashion creator and maker of clothing and accessories for both women and children. Needless to say my path has always been busy finding and doing the good hard work to benefit from the happiness and good karma for all. I consider being gifted a kit of oils from a loving friend two years ago as part of my good karma, and the start of my oil loving passion.

Oils are now part of my everyday , from making DIY of all sorts to living a non-toxic life style for my family’s well being. Sharing such greatness with my friends and anyone who is curious/interested is part of my DNA for my love of helping others and wanting everyone to live their days to the MAX! Accepting oils into my life has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself, and my family. Oils are my now, my tomorrow, and my forever.

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