Carol Gregory


I’m so happy you have found your way to the Well and Good Collective! My name is Carol Gregory and I’m an essential oil addict… I joke, but it’s true. I got turned on to Young Living essential oils by a trusted friend and honestly, I haven’t looked back. Aside from diffusing at home, making rollers for my friends and sharing my love for these little drops of plant magic I am also a wife, a mother, sister friend to all, and I am an Assistant Director for a Head Start Preschool program. I am busy AF and this group of amazing people here in the Well + Good Collective are my saving grace. When I decided to say YES to the oily lifestyle I also said YES to myself. I said YES to being brave and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. By saying YES I have a healthier lifestyle where we have ditched the toxins, I have an extra income that allows us to live more comfortably and I have a tribe of amazing women and men who lift each other up.

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