Cynthia Spencer


I am a Holistic Healer and my husband, Chris, and I have a holistic health business: Evolution Wellness. I am a big proponent of all things related to alternative health care. I am a Classical Homeopath and graduate of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California (HASC).

Chris and I are Certified Reiki Masters and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and have been a student of yoga since 1994.

I am a Young Living essential oil enthusiast and love sharing ALL ways to use oils, toxin-free plant-based products for the home and for better health and wellness. I believe in the importance of enhancing the mind-body connection and in the body’s own ability to heal itself, which led me to this path of healing and energy work.

I believe that a connection to nature, the elements & a spiritual connection are also vital parts of feeling optimum health & freedom in our lives. I love helping others uncover their true nature on their healing journey.

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