Denise Samaniego

Senior Star

Hi friends, so happy you’re here! My name is Denise Samaniego, but my alter ego is “@GemAndJuniper”. I’m semi-retired from campaign and non-profit fundraising to focus on being a full-time mom and quasi-competent home-life manager.
I’m a healthy snack food queen, wife (almost 20 years and counting), and proud mama of two very sassy, talented, and incredible girls. Family life keeps me pretty busy, but I love to make time to be a DIYer, wanna-be baker, outdoor adventures, and future world traveler.
My essential oils journey officially began three years ago, but holistic wellness has been a go-to for my family for many generations. After weeks of researching different EO companies I decided that Young Living was the right choice for me. I purchased my starter kit from a friend and fellow room mom at my toddler’s preschool. She schooled me on how to use every oil in the kit, and how she used them daily with her own family. I was hooked!
I put my oils to work right away. We had countless little victories with just the starter kit. The more I learned, the deeper I feel in love… It wasn’t long before I started raving about them to anyone that would listen! Nowadays, you can pretty much find little EO bottles scattered in every room of our home, and the homes of most of my friends and family.
I take great responsibility AND enjoyment in my role as an EO educator, but most importantly, I am so grateful for all the amazing new friends I’ve made in this community.

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