Denise Yates

Senior Star

Hi! If you don’t already know me here are some things about me I’d like to share. I’m from Los Angeles, CA, born and raised. I’m mama to 4 kids ages 27, 21, 16, and 5 years old. I was raised in very Native American ways of looking to plants for healing, so essential oils were something we always used. However, it wasn’t till I was introduced to Young Living that I could 100% trust the oils I was using on myself and my family.

It was only weeks after joining the Young Living Family that my eldest daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer, and then last June my mother had a double mastectomy. I truly believe in using chemical free products and strive to provide only the best and safest for my family and friends. I would love to share more of my personal story and journey, please feel free to click the link and contact me.

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