Heather Mordaunt


Hi, my name is Heather and I’m so excited you have made your way to The Well + Good Collective! I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and live in a cute village outside the city with my Fiancé Mike, our son Sebastian and his little brother who is comfy-cozy in my belly for not too much longer. My big family was raised in the house I am now raising our little family in. Yup! We are a few years into a complete renovation (ourselves!) of my childhood home, getting the heart of this home pumping again, and it has been amazing! Between the renovations, raising a child and running my one (wo)man business as a professional organizer, life is busy and fulfilling! What we eat and how we take care of our bodies however, never takes a back seat.

I love cooking delicious, real food and have been a vegetarian (turned pescatarian) for over twenty years. I am a big believer in naturally supporting our bodies through nutrition and plants first to keep us above the wellness line.

I’ve always been a nature lover, collecting rocks and crystals since I was a little tyke and hiking and camping with the family. This kind of lifestyle has stayed with me and as an adult – my love, trust and respect for nature plays a role in my wellness routine. and that’s what brought me to Young Living.

The years leading up to our long awaited Sebastian I made a conscious effort to up my wellness game. It became more important to me than ever to support my body and educate myself about ridding the toxins from our home while trying to make another human. I started with a perfectly curated set of Young Living essential oils, along with all things Thieves for the house. It was an investment that made so much sense immediately. I was so pumped about transforming our home to a natural one product by product that I couldn’t help but share. A second income was introduced pretty organically!

Whether I can help you cultivate the clean lifestyle you have been craving by setting you up with the right oils, household products, skincare, make-up, vitamins and toiletries, or help you set up a business plan to bring you closer to that freedom you are looking for, I am so happy you are here. I am here for you!!

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