Jen Abel


Hi, I’m Jen Abel! So glad that you found this amazing Community of wellness!

I am a mother of 2 girls, Nikki and Ally, and married for 7 years to my husband Steve. We live in Sunny Los Angeles and love hanging out with our friends, BBQing, hiking and doing DIY projects around our house.

I am so proud to be in this community all of these amazing people around here on the Well and Good Collective. I have built so many wonderful new relationships and connections through this community. They have guided and supported me through my essential oil journey that started about 4 years ago and I have never looked back!

Since my discovery of Young Living through essential oils, I have also found a cleaner and healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. The Thieves products have changed our home and the oils have supported us emotionally and physically. I love sharing my knowledge of oils, Thieves and other amazing products that we use in our home. So, drop me a message or roll over to my Instagram page to learn more about this awesome lifestyle!

Cheers! Jen

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