Juliet Bertolucci


Hi! I’m Juliet!! I’m a preschool teacher in Los Angeles and I love it because of how I’m constantly reminded to rediscover what’s around me. When I’m not teaching, I’m at HomeGoods buying fun dishtowels and kitchen accessories, or stocking the Target dollar section for handy things like portable reusable straws or things for the classroom. I spend time scrolling Instagram dreaming of going back to Italy and/or finding pasta recipes. I have recently started on a curly hair journey with the Curly Girl Method figuring out how and what to do with my curls. I love to feed people and enjoy time with my girlfriends. I get rejuvenated at the beach. Taylor Swift is all my vibes all the time. I’m a big fan of Andy Cohen and met him for my 25th birthday, which was the same year I started using oils. It’s when I started a new phase in life! I really like llamas, particularly the no drama llama. I love donuts in all forms; eating, art, pictures and patterns. My favorite donut is a vanilla cake donut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

I love donuts and I use oils, which basically defines how I go about this whole healthy living thing these days. For me it’s all about moderation. I’m going to eat a donut when I want to but I’m also going to use oils, eat vegetables, and maybe take a walk around the block. I started using oils in the fall of 2016 on a whim. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I quickly learned how versatile and easy they are to use in everyday life by joining this Wellness + Good Collective community. In the process I discovered not only how important it is but also how easy it is to use natural products. It’s easy because Young Living makes it easy for me to just pick out what I need, add it to my cart, and it arrives at my door. There’s not shelves on shelves of different soaps and things staring me in the face having me question if it’s actually natural. I know and trust that Young Living does have all the most natural products, which makes it easy for me to make my wellness a priority. Now it’s all second nature and part of my daily life!

I love to support and teach which is how I fell into the business side. Supporting people who are making wellness a priority and teaching them how easy it is to do so. I’m teaching my millennial friends that it’s not only important to know what’s in our products, it’s also important to know how and why we should be doing better for our own wellness. I’m here to help make wellness (whatever that looks like to you) manageable, easy and part of everyday life! I hope you’ll take a peek into what this looks like for me and connect over on my instagram page www.instragram.com/donutsandoils.

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