Liz Vance


Hi! My name is Liz Vance, I am a 32 years old living in West Palm Beach, FL with my two boys (10 months and 5 years old) and my husband, my high school sweetheart. I am someone who has struggled with PCOS and a thyroid disorder. I decided to make a change for myself and my family when I realized how products I was using in my home were toxic. It is very important to me to make sure the products in my home have minimal and safe ingredients. I have done research and learned a lot of the products I was using are harmful to the respiratory system and are endocrine disrupters. I was able to replace all of my household and personal care items with those from Young Living. Young Living has completely changed my life(style). While we can’t control the environment, we can control what goes in and out of our homes and bodies. I have incorporated essential oils into my daily routine and couldn’t imagine my life without them due to all the health benefits we have seen from using them. I want my children, husband and myself to be the healthiest we can be and make these easy switches in our home.

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