Meg Kelley


Hi! My name’s Meg and I claim I’m not much of a talker, although I think everyone who knows me would probably disagree, and I really can’t stand writing yet there is a good chance once I start I’ll end up rambling. So here’s my attempt at keeping it short! I’m a baseball loving, always crafting, coffee and wine drinking, essential oil obsessed, healthcare researcher, mom of 4, living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (PA), married to the man of my dreams! As a family we’ve spent the past 5 years educating ourselves trying to rid our home of toxins and focusing on our health, especially my youngest son’s (he’s suffered with skin issues and allergies his whole life). A short oily chat all those years ago with a special friend living in what seemed like a different world (yes, I’m talking about CA Hillary) turned into me asking a million questions daily and now, I like to think I’m ready to answer yours! Young Living and their community have been a huge part of our family’s journey and I’d love to keep learning with you!

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