Mika Lequericabeascoa (Leck-uh-rica-bay-es-koa)


I traded cold winters in Minneapolis 18 years ago for sunny Los Angeles where I found my forever home. My husband Mike loves to surf so we spend a lot of time at the beach and try to sneak away in our motorhome as much as possible! I am a huge lover of Pit Bulls so I volunteer at Downtown Dog Rescue when I can. Four years ago I found myself stressed out trying to juggle a career in Real Estate while taking care of my daughter’s Frankie and Etta. Without me knowing, God had other plans for my life once I was introduced to oils!

My wellness journey began 20 years ago but I hadn’t added essential oils to my toolbox until I got my Premium Starter Kit through Hillary Ha. I hit the road running with every DIY imaginable as soon as my kit arrived. Because of the results I saw with the oils in my home I just couldn’t shut up about them and before I knew it I had accidentally fallen into a new career!

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