Natasha Carino


Hello! I’m Natasha Carino. My husband and I live in Thousand Oaks, California with our four beautiful children. We love to spend time together as a family whether it’s on the couch, long walks to the ice cream shop, or barbecuing in the backyard. Life is constantly busy with kids ranging from teenager to diapers, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I’m not chasing after four kiddos, I am a Maternal Newborn Registered Nurse and Lactation Counselor. I love that I can intertwine my nursing career with my knowledge of natural medicine and wellness. I have a passion for my family, my career, and for living a life free of toxic chemicals.

I started using Young Living in 2014 when I learned about them through a friend. I was intrigued by the benefits of essential oils and wanted to incorporate them into my life as a nurse and as a mom. Not only did I want to use them, I only wanted to use the best ones out there, which is why I chose Young Living. I wanted to use them on my kids to help all kinds of ailments as I wasn’t satisfied with the products on the market that were full of nasty ingredients. I also wanted to use natural cleaning supplies as I did not want those harsh toxins anywhere near my babies. Since then I have never looked back. My family is healthy and happy, and I am happy knowing that we are using the best of the best with Young Living.

I love to share the story of one of my proudest moments. Every year I dive deeper into all natural living. I have revamped my make up bag, my medicine cabinet, my home fragrances, my home cleaners, and I am still learning and growing all the time. So I decided that my fourth and last baby was going to be an all natural delivery. Little did I know that she would be my biggest baby at ten pounds, but honestly with my oily arsenal and my sweet husband dousing me with them every hour, I did it! My oils made all the difference for me and this company continues to enhance my life in so many ways.

I would love to share more knowledge and more of the magic of oils with you as you begin your journey of wellness. This is an exciting time and without good health, we truly have nothing. Often times the first step is the hardest to take, but I am here with you every step of the way. You deserve it!

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