Sara Pereira


Hello there, my name is Sara Pereira, yes, it rhymes. I started my health and wellness journey at the age of nineteen going on twenty when I began studying bodywork. In 2001 I deepened that work in a three month intensive program in Portugal. I offered bodywork services for 12 years, specializing in pregnancy massage the last couple of those years. Shortly after returning from Portugal I began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College. This is where I learned about the benefits of a new mother’s placenta as a way to balance hormones and prevent the baby blues. I prepared my very first placenta for a dear friend in 2008. She benefited so much that she encouraged me to offer this gift to my massage clients. I then got certified and the rest is history. You can learn more about this at Cut to 2016 when I was pregnant for the first time with my twins. My dear friend Hillary Ha got me hooked on these darn oils that smell like heaven (okay, maybe not Valerian) but also have a ridiculous amount of function and purpose for so many things, like all the things really. Hello Gentle Baby on my belly everyday and no stretch-marks. I fell so hard for these oils and YL products that I was sending all my friends and family to Hillary to get hooked up on the good stuff. After about the eighth person Hillary finally shook the silliness out of me and had me enroll my best friend from kindergarten who wanted to get her starter kit. I can’t believe I was so resistant. I helped this friend get started and realized just how dang easy it is to share that referral link. And once again, the rest is history. I’m currently a Silver with Young Living, so incredibly close to Gold. I am passionate about helping people I know and love as well as strangers get the toxic products out of their homes and ditching and switching to Young Living.

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