Viviene Benjamin


Helllloooo! I’m Viviene Benjamin and I’m an oil addict. I literally can’t breathe plain air anymore…must have a diffuser going in each room at all times! I also carry around a wristlet of roller bottles filled with my oily potion concoctions and have multiple crystals jingling in my pockets whilst sipping on my Ningxia Red. Don’t know quite what I’m talking about?! Well, give me just a few minutes to chat you up, find out what oils you might need and get you rolling oils yourself by the time we’re through! LOL Hey, maybe I’ll even slip you some amethyst or rose quartz too!
Yep I’m a crystal loving, tree hugging, transcendental meditating, frame drum playing, new moon ceremony, into the “woo woo” type of oil gal!
I am originally from the bayous outside of New Orleans Louisiana, grew up a preacher’s daughter. I was a performance artist living all over from Chicago to LA to NYC; also a mixologist from coast to coast and worked in art doing curation along with photography and styling, your quintessential jack of all trades.
These days, I am a coastal So Cal mama of three beautiful Waldorf kiddos
( Jasper 11, Tallulah 10 & Coralie Clover 6) living down in Laguna with my husband/best friend Matt an urban planner. I am bonkers about crafting, sewing, dollmaking, card reading and am known to cook a mean pot o gumbo. I love to throw parties, women’s gatherings, guided drum journey meditation circles. I’m totally into making labor intensive craft cocktails, gluten-free sourdough bread from scratch and knowing what number you are, what “color” too as well as knowing your whole natal chart. (I’m a 3w4, a red with some blue & yellow and a Scorpio with Aquarius rising and Pisces moon).
I have used oils for many years and I know Young Living is the very best because I’ve tried them all!
I decided to embrace my inner oil lady LOL because I was already giving everyone oils and raving about them so much! I am very good at talking up things I believe in and I do believe in the plant power of Young Living donut comes easy to me and feels authentic. I know these oils work. They are our family’s first line of defense, our natural “medicine cabinet” when we need to keep our immunity up. Having said that, I have many type of friends on my team including some who use oils for the aroma-therapeutic benefits and that’s okay too! That’s how I first got started…they smell great and then later I realized they were so much more.
So as you can see, I love talking oils (it really is fun for me!) and a huge part of this business that keeps me going is the community we are building! I love the ladies on my team and we are manifesting big dreams together.
Love to chat more with you on any of this!
Big love,

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