Wallace Yovetich

Senior Star

Hi! I’m full time single mama who is so grateful to be able to be working from home while raising my young son. I’m so lucky to have my big brother (and also bestie) living just minutes from me and adoring my son (he’s in that family photo with us).

After teaching for seven years and then working in the literary industry for eight, I’m now thrilled to be connecting families to Young Living. I’ve been using YL for five years, and finally came on board to be a Wellness Educator in May of 2020. Oils have completely changed my life; I have used Young Living oils & wellness tools to help support me along this journey of becoming a single mama. It was certainly not something I was expecting and, like any other mama knows, doing it alone has taken a lot of energy and grit. Dealing with the fallout of all that comes along with becoming a single mama can be really depleting, but I’ve learned I can handle even the hardest things with the right tools! I am now living my best life with my sweet boy, our scrappy dog & sweet cat, while enjoying our extended family and large community of friends! I’m here to help you do the same. I thrive on teaching and sharing how to use all of my favorite oils and products; and I love helping other mamas of young children find more calm in their day, while helping them put their proverbial masks on first.

You can often find this curly haired bookworm gabbing about my latest read or trying to find ways to make my curly hair even bigger and better (don’t be fooled by that family photo above, my hair is usually worn curly)! I’m in my kitchen weekly whipping up some DIY recipes before heading off to the post office to send happy mail (presents!) to families on my team. I’m also available via DM all throughout the day to answer questions and chat! You can find me on Instagram @mamayovetichessentials

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